Get Item In List At Index | ARRAY_GET


ARRAY_GET( [value], [index], [default = null] )


The ARRAY the value is being pulled from.

The index in the ARRAY to pull the value from. The first index is 0. If a negative value is provided, it is indexed from the end. For example, the index -1 can be used to get the last value in the ARRAY.

default optional
The default value if the index is out of the bounds of the ARRAY.

Return Value

The item at the the given INDEX within the VALUE is returned.


Gets a value in an array at a specified index.


ARRAY_GET(["first", "second", "third"], 1) # returns "second"
ARRAY_GET(["first", "second", "third"], -2) # returns "second"
ARRAY_GET(["first", "second", "third"], 3) # returns NULL
ARRAY_GET(["first", "second", "third"], -4) # returns NULL
ARRAY_GET(["first", "second", "third"], 3, "DEFAULT") # returns "DEFAULT"
ARRAY_GET(["first", "second", "third"], 2, "DEFAULT") # returns "third"
ARRAY_GET([null], 0, "DEFAULT") # returns NULL