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Easy-to-Use Online Process Builder

Create any data process that you can imagine. Connect all of your services and APIs. Any services that sends or receives data can be integrated using Instalink. Remember you’re not just making pretty flow-charts, you’re making real software processes that execute in the cloud.

Cloud Hosted Processing

Instalink can handle practically any volume of transactions. From small integrations to enterprise logistics, Instalink has a variety of hosting options to meet your needs. We also provide service redundancy, scalable infrastructure, load balancing, and parallel processing. So you can relax and know that your critical system integrations will always be running.

Service Queues

Never miss a transaction. If one of the systems that you are integrating has downtime, Instalink will automatically reattempt the outbound calls until they succeed. You can also delay or reschedule calls as needed.

Searchable Logs

Every inbound or outbound transaction is logged automatically. These searchable logs make it a breeze to track down issues that may be occuring with your integration.

Observers and Notifications

Don’t simply guess that your systems are working. Know for sure! You can set up custom observers on your processes and receive a notification any time there is an issue. You can also use observers and notifications for goal tracking.

Complete Suite of Pre-Built Data Transformations

Instalink has built-in functions that allow for practically infinite capabilities for transforming data. This includes simple transformations such as text or math operations, or complex transformations like EDI parsing or encoding.

Flexible Process Actions

Instalink allows you to combine the following actions to accomplish pretty much any integration or automation process you can imagine.


When high processing load occurs on the virtual instance where your dedicated service is hosted, the system automatically spins up a new instance to help offload the traffic and ensure your endpoints remain available and responsive. The additional instances are removed when the period of high load ends.

Load Balancing

Incoming connections are load balanced. This means that the data is routed to the virtual instance that is best capable of responding efficiently. Load balanced traffic ensures that your connections get through quickly when you have multiple dedicated services or when your service autoscales up.

Available Dedicated Hosting

With Private Instances, your services will be hosted on their own scalable virtual instance cluster. You may add as many private virtual server instances as needed.

Error Notifications

The error logs provide an option to send a message to an email recipient when the error occurs. The message includes a link back to the Instalink admin panel where the error can be addressed as needed.

Create Your Own Forms

Instalink provides the ability to auto-generate forms to call your endpoints. These forms are useful for triggering manual processes, generating reports, and testing endpoints without the need for external software such as PostMan or cURL.

Retry Requests

Any request that comes to your Instalink endpoint can be retried. This is useful for error resolution. For example, an external service may send incorrect data that causes your process to not function as intended. You are able to view the error log, modify the data that was provided, and then resend the call.

User Defined Access

By default your Instalink account comes with a single user log in. You may add additional users to your account at no additional cost. You can specify if your users have read-only access or editing abilities.

Database Connections

Instalink currently supports read and write operations for MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and ODBC. You can effectively build an API to your data without ever writing code.

99.9% Up-Time

Instalink has experienced 99.9% uptime to date with all services monitored 24/7. It is important to note that we cannot control the services that you connect to Instalink, guarantee their up-time or triage issues with external systems. We reserve the right to perform monthly maintenance and important updates on our systems. These periods usually do not impact the performance of your individual services for more than a few seconds. We will always notify you before a scheduled maintenance window to ensure that you are aware when there may be a performance impact or scheduled down time.