Responds to an incoming request with an error message. Action is loggable and can be used for failure tracking. Multiple RESPOND_ERROR actions can be called in a single data flow. Only the first encountered RESPOND_ERROR will actually be delivered to the client.



Response code used when an error was encountered while processing an inbound requests

Log Identifier

Message sent to clients when responding that an error was encountered. Also used as the identifier when recording the error log. Accepts template syntax. Error logs are searchable by this value. Please set this to make your error logs easier to interpret.

Error Severity

Sets priority to error logs. Useful for categorizing and triaging error logs. Does not affect the response to the client.

valid options
INFOA common occurrence. Use this for errors that are expected and occur during normal operation and do not usually require further review.
WARNINGUse this for errors that are expected, occur during normal operation, and likely need further review.
ERRORAn error has occurred. Use this for errors that are not expected to occur during normal operation. These should always be reviewed.
CRITICALA serious error has occurred. Use this for errors that indicate systemic issues which require immediate intervention. This may include unresponsive remote services or APIs.

Log as System Error

Enable to record the error log so that it may be reviewed in the admin panel.

Send Email?

Enable to send an email message to an administrator when the error is encountered. It is recommended that this feature be used only for ERROR or CRITICAL level error messages to ensure that your inbox is not inundated with unnecessary messages.

Send Email To

The email address that will receive the error log notification.


The template used as the response body data. Accepts template syntax.

Use Template

Enable to use the template as the response data instead of the default preformatted field data.

Error Topic

Output Data Key

Use Item Identifier

Item Identifier


A set of records that are used to define process data keys that are to be included when executing various actions.