Runs a process on the service periodically at pre-defined intervals. Use at the start of a data flow with the IF operator.


Cron Schedule

Preselected cron intervals that are available for convenience.

valid options
0 * * * * *Action will run every minute
0 0 * * * *Action will run every hour
0 0 0 * * *Action will run every day at midnight UTC
0 0 12 * * *Action will run every day at Noon UTC
Use a custom cron pattern.

Cron Pattern

Enter a unix cron time pattern here. Set the Cron Schedule to custom to use this pattern.

Record Identifier Template

The label that is used to indentify the scheduled repeated action in Inbound Request Logs. Accepts template syntax.


A set of records that define mechanisms for inspecting success and error log occurrences as they occur.