Progress Tracking and Live Logs

Live logs of inbound records

Instalink includes advanced static logs, progress tracking, and real-time account level monitoring of specific requests and their statuses. Static inbound call logs can still be viewed by going to the logs page. The real-time logs feature can be accessed in two ways. You may click on the "Real-Time Logs" link from the account menu to view all processes currently running on an account. You may also go to any CRON or LISTEN action and click on "Records" > "Real-Time Logs" to view live logs only for that specific data flow.

Live Logs include the following statistics:

The following data flow actions are used to enable progress tracking:

How to Include Progress Tracking on a Data Flow

  1. Insert the progress total action as soon as the process knows how much data it is going to iterate through. Set the total amount to how many records will be iterated through. Data flow with total tracking action
  2. At the end of each iteration, insert a PROGRESS_UPDATE action to increment the progress by the prescribed amount. Data flow with progress incrementing

Progress, ETA, Projection, Counts will only appear when PROGRESS_TOTAL and PROGRESS_UPDATE actions have been included in the data flow.