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Connect Your Software

Use our intuitive graphical process modelling software to create integrations that address your business needs exactly.

Make Adjustments in Real-Time

Take control of your processes.

Make changes as necessary to your integrations at any time.

No more waiting for your IT staff or programmers!

See Everything That's Happening

Don’t be left in the dark about your business processes!

Use Instalink to monitor and track all transactions between your systems.

Reduce Your Costs

Let Instalink handle all the heavy lifting.

Instalink securely and reliably hosts your integrations so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can focus on solving problems for your company.


Easy-to-Use Online Process Builder
Create any data process that you can imagine. Connect all of your services and APIs. Any services that sends or receives data can be integrated using Instalink. Remember you’re not just making pretty flow-charts, you’re making real software processes that execute in the cloud.

Cloud Hosted Processing
Instalink can handle practically any volume of transactions. From small integrations to enterprise logistics, Instalink has a variety of hosting options to meet your needs. We also provide service redundancy, scalable infrastructure, load balancing, and parallel processing. So you can relax and know that your critical system integrations will always be running.

Service Queues
Never miss a transaction. If one of the systems that you are integrating has downtime, Instalink will automatically reattempt the outbound calls until they succeed. You can also delay or reschedule calls as needed.

Searchable Logs
Every inbound or outbound transaction is logged automatically. These searchable logs make it a breeze to track down issues that may be occuring with your integration.

Observers and Notifications
Don’t simply guess that your systems are working. Know for sure! You can set up custom observers on your processes and receive a notification any time there is an issue. You can also use observers and notifications for goal tracking.

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