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Industries of Focus

While we can help anyone from any industry integrate and automate their systems, we have many prebuilt connectors and experience integrating with companies from the industries listed below:

InstaLink Connectors

MLM & Direct Sales

Our team has built custom solutions for top MLM’s & Direct Sales Companies for many years. We understand the unique integration and automation challenges these companies deal with and have many prebuilt solutions that can be implemented very quickly and at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

3PL & Warehousing

3PL’s and other companies in the warehousing or inventory management space often deal with legacy on premise and cloud solutions that make integration and automation of systems very difficult and expensive to deal with. Our iPaaS solution was built originally for companies in this space. We’ll simplify your life!

ERP & CRM Integrations

The rapid growth of ERP’s like Netsuite, CRM’s like and hundreds of other competitors in this space, has been amazing to watch. The problem, and opportunity, we saw is that 7 out of every 10 implementations required custom integration, which historically has always been a nightmare to deal with from a company cost, time and resources standpoint. We form great partnerships with the top ERP & CRM implementation firms and consultants to help them take care of their clients and save them a lot of time, money and headache.

SaaS & Tech Companies

The top problem SaaS platforms & other technology companies run into is integration issues. We partner with these companies to create custom “connectors” or “links” to enable their platform to synch properly with other on premise or cloud systems. Our integration platform as a service takes care of the integration problems and frees up thier developers to work on new features and other mission critical development needs. We often assist our SaaS partners on sales calls to shore up client confidence on integration related items & close deals. Win/win/win for all!

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